About Us

Montel Tradenode AB develops a platform that makes it possible to easily use many of the best software for analysis and trading.
It is also possible for clients that as easily integrate their own systems such as portfolio systems, algorithmic trading models.
TradeNode delivers complete solutions for analysis and has also developed links with the data feed and  connection to most platforms.
Most programs require a connection to the historical  database, TradeNode provides as part of the product.TradeNode AB through cooperation offer our customers a total solution. Interest in it is great especially amongst both traders, professional investment managers and fund companies and others. We have about 10 years of experience with direct trade links of the trading system.
Our business is based on helping the user to complete the transaction in which we add value and we charge, not by fixed save costs without an addition of transaction costs. Much of the value lies in offering an ”all-in-one” solution where the customer is a supplier and do not have IT and system costs.